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Benefit from Sandcastle's Cash Partner program. Your money earns interest monthly, while providing access to your funds without fees.

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What is

Sandcastle increases cash flow for businesses by borrowing funds from Cash Partners, floating transaction delays, and collecting a small fee.


Real-time Payments

Processing Credit Cards is expensive. ACH is painfully slow. Wires are complicated. Sandcastle provides same-day payments.


Safe and Secure

Using the same tools as companies like Zoom, Venmo, and Amazon, Sandcastle uses the safest techniques to transact.


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Frequently asked questions.

You aren't the first to have questions. Our answers are clear and simple.

How are my funds used?

Funds from Cash Partners are used exclusively for the Cash Reserves, which float customer payments. No principle contributions are used for operating expenses, salaries, or business costs.

No. Sandcastle only remits funds upon confirmation of a pending transaction from consumers, nearly eliminating the risk on 95% of all transactions.

Not yet. Future equity opportunities will be presented to Cash Partners before pursuing outside investment.

Yes. Cash Partners engage via a Promissory Note, which outlines the terms of cash contributions.


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