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Ensure your project stays on schedule with secure, real-time payments. We only work with qualified contractors, supercharging their projects with easier financial solutions.

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Modern Technology

Sandcastle uses proven, modern technology to simplify the end-to-end experience. Stop with outdated, frustrating systems. We move at the speed of your business.


Real-time Payments

Processing Credit Cards is expensive. ACH is painfully slow. Wires are complicated. However you the owner chooses to pay, you get your money same day.


Safe and Secure

Using the same tools as companies like Zoom, Venmo, and Amazon, Sandcastle uses the safest techniques to transact.


Pay Anywhere

Paying on time is fast and simple. Instead of coordinating a payment pick-up, home owners can issue payment at their convenience.


It's never been faster and simpler to transfer funds
and keep your project rolling.

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Frequently asked questions.

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What is Sandcastle?

Sandcastle is a financial solution, simplifying payments between home owners and residential contractors. Home owners benefit from a wider variety of payment solutions while ensuring contractors get paid some day.

Absolutely. Every payment is secured using https protocol and facilitated using Plaid and Stripe, market leading financial technology providers.

We provide homeowners with a variety of payment options. Current payment options include: Credit Card, ACH, and Wire.


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